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Why not honour it as much as possible and allow your body to totally unwind & relax.

Holisitc treatments can ease the side effects of pregnancy along with giving you and yor baby a special "bonding" experience in a natural and gentle way.

Pregnancy is one of the most special times a woman can experience in life. Hormonal changes occur dramatically, provoking an alteration in many physiological functions. Reflexology can help restore balance in most of the cases, treating conditions symptomatically, alleviating and stimulating. These are a few examples of particular cases in which reflexology has demonstrated to be beneficial in pregnancy and as a preventive of serious conditions during labour:

Reflexology is often used to soothe the aches and pains in your back and joints that are taking a beating from your growing girth. But that's not all.  It can give you relief from some of your most persistent and wide-ranging woes. These may include morning sickness, heartburn, swelling in your legs (if not due to preeclampsia), constipation, high blood pressure (again, as long as it appears without the other symptoms of preeclampsia), insomnia, bladder problems, mild cramping, and even hemorrhoids. In addition, reflexology seems to reduce emotional stresses, such as depression and anxiety. Reflexology may even be helpful after you give birth — some studies show it stimulates milk production. 

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