Castleconnell Co Limerick

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Address: Ruan, Castleconnell, Co Limerick, Co. Limerick

"Really enjoyed my reflexology treatment, and
felt very calm and relaxed afterwards. I still think I am feeling the
benefit of it, and I am thinking about another session soon." N.Meehan.

"I really enjoyed the reflexology. I know it was painful but worth it
and would love to do it again.  I think the reflex ology has opened up
alot for me - emotions and pain.  But getting their as they say. I
think you are excellent at the treatment and highly recommend you to
others."  T.Smith

"Had a reflexology session. It was fab. Really relaxed and refreshed
me. Sleeping way better. I will be back. Thanks Amy." H.Wixted

"This was my second time with you and the start of many more treatments
to come I hope. I have had reflexology before, or thought I had,  but it was really
only a nice foot massage I was having. I feel like I'm actually having
a treatment done when its with you . I am always exhausted afterwards
and felt slightly light headed after our last session( we did some
Bodytalk too though) I have definitely felt it easier to breath and
reach a deeper breath. Also found I was taking more trips to the
toilet. I know I am a work in progress but am feeling the benefits .Much luck and success to you." R. Cantillon

"On the day I had the reflexology treatment with you I already had a sore throat, sinus infection and beginnings of chest infection so I suppose it wasn't the ideal time to have a treatment (or maybe it was!!).
Next day I felt as if I had been hit by a bus!! I had pains and aches everywhere and usual runny nose etc.                
I know that it was a combination of the infections and my body trying to detox and fight infections.

I rarely take anti-biotics and didn't this time and I actually got over the infections more quickly than usual so I think the treatment speeded things up a bit.
I'm looking forward to having another treatment with you when I'm in full health and I'll be in a better position to see the effects and results of treatment." M.Minogue


"I thoroughly enjoyed the indian head massage. It was one of the nicest treatments I have ever had felt great after it really helped me to relax I will definitely be back." M. O'Kelly 

"Idefinitely did enjoy my treatment and there is a huge improvement where I had the trapped nerve so am very happy indeed about that! As you had advised, I found the treatment quite different to my other experiences of reflexology, but I did enjoy it and felt that you were stretching out a lot of tension from my feet. The areas around my ankles that I found sore corresponded to where I had the pain and as I say, it has been much better since.                  C.O'Dwyer