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REFLEXOLOGYReflexology is the practice of treating points and areas in the feet that relate to corresponding parts of the body. By applying pressure to areas on the feet we help to alleviate pain and promote health and wellbeing. This encourages the person's own healing systems to be activated so the body can operate in a natural and balanced  manner. Many doctors, consultants and other health care professionals recognise reflexology as a well established, respected and effective therapy. 

REIKI: A gentle hands on energy balancing therapy that works on the physcial, mental, emotional and spiritual body. Reiki is a Japanese word that means "Energy". All energy balancing techniques including reiki work with the overall energy system of the body. Working with the Chakra system, reiki helps to release and clear out imbalances that have built up within the human energy system. Imbalances or "blockages" in the energy system are casued by stresses to the body. Clients lie down fully clothed on a massage bed while the practitioner places her hands gently over the main energy centres of the body. Reiki is a very gentle and non invasive therapy. Clients usually fall into a deep state of relaxtion, feel heat, wave like sensations, tinlges etc.  After a session, clients feel extremely calm and "lighter". Balancing the human energy system results in healing physical, mental and emotional issues. One needs to try a treatments in order to understand its endless benefits.

HOPI CANDLE THERAPY: This ancient treatment provides immediate relaxation for the client. The treatment consists of a hollow candle been placed into both ears to help remove impurities and blockages. Each ear is treated separately. The candle omits therapeutic aroma while burning which aids in the relaxation process. The treatment is finished with a face, neck and shoulder massage. 

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INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE: Works on the muscular tissues of the scalp, neck, shoulders upper back, upper arms and face. These are the areas that hold much of the stresses we accumulate in day to day living. Each treatment is completed with an overall  energy balancing. This type of massage is perfect for releasing stress & tension and is a must for anyone who would like to clear the mind! It is also extremely beneficial to those that suffer from ongoing sinus issue or headaches.